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Duane Morris & Selvam Taiwan, Foreign Legal Affairs Law Firm


Duane Morris & Selvam Taiwan, Foreign Legal Affairs Law Firm


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Company Description:

Duane Morris is a leading global law firm, with more than 800 attorneys, including 30 Mandarin speakers, assisting clients in diverse industries with a broad range of legal and business issues. Headquartered in the U.S., the firm was founded over a century ago by Roland S. Morris, a former U.S. Ambassador to Japan, and today boasts 30 offices worldwide, including six offices in Asia.

Our Taiwan team is led by attorneys Richard L. Thurston, former General Counsel of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, and Christopher Neumeyer, former Legal Director of Lite-On Technology Corporation, and works closely with our colleagues worldwide on everything from market entry, international trade, commercial, corporate and financial transactions, to antitrust, regulatory compliance, intellectual property and litigation, delivering seamless solutions throughout Asia and the world.

With decades of experience working inside Taiwan companies, we fully understand local issues and concerns and consistently deliver strong results. Our areas of expertise include the following:

  • Commercial and Financial Transactions. Our Taiwan team advises on, negotiates and drafts a full range of commercial agreements, regarding non-disclosure, R&D, joint development, manufacturing, sales, distribution, employment and other matters, helping our clients to accomplish their objectives with minimal risk. The firm also assists with diverse financial arrangements, including lending, facility and factoring agreements, project and structured finance transactions, acquisition financings, securitized and syndicated loans, and other complex transactions, concerning commercial, financial, industrial and infrastructure projects and other matters.
  • Corporate Transactions and Securities. Our attorneys have led well over US$1 billion in mergers, acquisitions and investments for Taiwan clients, involving local and foreign counterparties, both public and private. We advise on, assist with, negotiate and draft a full range of agreements concerning strategy, term sheets, due diligence, merger control, and deal documents relating to negotiated mergers, acquisitions and divestitures of companies and business units, hostile acquisitions and defense against takeover attempts, venture capital and private equity transactions and other strategies to help clients accomplish their corporate objectives.
  • Intellectual Property. Duane Morris is regularly ranked a leading firm handling patents, trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights. Statistically, we are the #1 most successful firm representing petitioners before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board; prosecute more than 20,000 trademarks annually and manage the IP portfolios of some of the world’s largest companies; prosecute, license and litigate patents from pharma to smart phones to semiconductors; and work closely with clients to develop state-of-the-art programs for the protection of trade secrets. We have more than 100 intellectual property attorneys, with approximately one-fifth holding PhDs in fields such as biosciences, materials, chemicals, polymers, electronics and telecommunications.
  • Life Sciences, Pharma, Biotechnology. Our firm represents life science entities across a broad range of technologies, in all stages of development, from startups seeking initial capital investment to multinational, publicly traded companies, including pharmaceutical and biotech companies, medical device manufacturers, academic research institutions and clinical laboratories. Many of our life science attorneys have served as in-house counsel at pharma and biotech companies or worked as scientists in research laboratories in cancer and genetics.
  • Dispute Resolution and Litigation. We regularly deliver strong resolutions to a full range of complex, cross-border disputes through demand letters, negotiation, arbitration, mediation and litigation, from inception through trial and appeal. We resolve disputes concerning product liability, defects, accounts receivable, investments, joint development, antitrust, environmental, white-collar crimes, intellectual property, construction, bankruptcy and other matters, in class actions, individual law suits and administrative proceedings in the U.S. and internationally. We deliver strong representation and innovative solutions to achieve the most effective and efficient results.

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