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Architects / Building Services; Automotive Products & Services; Computers / Software / IT


Company Description:

We are from a technology conglomerate — DBTEL
DBTEL was established in 1979 as a publicly listed company and has since transitioned to a privately held corporation.
MICROJET, founded in 1996, and also initially a public company, has similarly moved to private ownership.
ADDWII, established in 2014, is a joint venture between DBTEL and MICROJET, with each company holding a 50% stake.
In their early years, DBTEL and MICROJET concentrated on wireless communication, Bluetooth devices, electronic products, inkjet heads, inkjet 3D printers, and piezoelectric micro-pumps. With the pulse of Taiwan’s booming economy, they transformed in 2023 to step into the AIOT industry, serving countless clients. The DBTEL Group’s global headquarters is located in Tucheng, Taiwan. To adapt to global expansion, apart from offices in Hsinchu, Taoyuan, and Tucheng in Taiwan, it has established a branch in Malaysia and is in the process of founding one in the United States, marking a solid first step towards the American market. ADDWII primarily offers CleanRoom system engineering design services, bringing the air purity levels of hospital operating rooms into homes. With a strong R&D team and over 1,220 global patents, ADDWII collaborates with local installers to provide comprehensive air pollution solutions. Operating in a high-tech-intensive industry, it has incorporated AIOT, big data analytics, and cloud computing technologies. ADDWII Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to its ‘Six Cultures’ philosophy, leveraging professional knowledge and extensive engineering experience to offer end-to-end services including planning, design, installation, construction, and testing. Our long-standing commitment to ‘integrity, professionalism, and pragmatism’ has consistently addressed customer challenges, earning longstanding recognition in the industry.

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